About us

 About Us

Bare Roe’s mission is rooted in the personal journey of founder, Erin Sawyer.  Erin has a sensory processing disorder and has always struggled with textures, especially denim.  After making the decision to remain a stay at home mom to take care of her autistic son, Erin decided to embark on a mission to redefine fashion by creating her own line of sensory-friendly clothing that is comfortable and environmentally responsible.  Sustainability is woven into the fabric of the Bare Roe brand.  Each piece of clothing reflects Bare Roe’s dedication to these practices, ensuring a stylish journey that leaves a positive impact on the planet.  From lounge wear to elegant dresses, each piece is crafted for supreme comfort, ensuring you never have to sacrifice style for ease.  Bare is more than a name; it's a feeling of freedom. The fabric is unbelievably soft against your skin, making you feel like you have barely anything on and “Roe” holds special meaning to Erin’s non-verbal son.


Why Tencel Modal Fabric?

At Bare Roe, quality is our cornerstone.  Bare Roe prioritizes premium fabrics that ensure each garment is a testament to craftsmanship, comfort and style, setting a new standard in sensory-friendly fashion.  Tencel Modal’s natural hypoallergenic properties align seamlessly with Bare Roe’s mission.  Not only does the fabric provide unmatched softness, but it also brings an eco-friendly touch to every piece of clothing.  Embracing the qualities of silk without involving silkworms, Tencel’s durability and moisture-wicking abilities ensure your Bare Roe wardrobe is not just stylish but also a lasting, gentle hug against your skin.  


Giving Back

Bare Roe’s mission goes beyond fashion.  Giving back is foundational to everything we do.  With every purchase, you’re not just investing in stylish pieces of clothing, you’re also supporting meaningful causes.  10% of Bare Roe’s profits support autism awareness through Autism Speaks and 10% goes toward helping children in need through Baby2Baby.  Elevate your style, embrace comfort and be part of a brand with a purpose.  Bare Roe makes a difference one garment at a time.